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1 Aprile 2022

IATF has launched the Chinese IATF website and the IATF Performance Complaint Management System (IATF CMS) within the IATF database.  Below are the details for both.

Chinese IATF website
This website is designed to specifically translate the predominately English content of the English IATF website into Chinese language. The IATF Chinese website will further promote the IATF brand in China and improve the understanding of the needs of the IATF, especially for China-based OEMs, China-based Certification Bodies and their auditors and China-based Suppliers.

The Chinese IATF website is available through

The Stakeholder Communique announcing the launch of this Chinese IATF website is available through IATF Stakeholder Communique SC-2022-005 – Launch of the IATF Website in Chinese

IATF Performance Complaint Management System (IATF CMS) within the IATF Database
The IATF CMS is a workflow tool which provides a standard approach for the submission and management of performance complaints against IATF 16949 certified organizations initiated by IATF OEMs or IATF Oversight offices and is aligned to the certificate decertification process defined in the Rules for Achieving and Maintaining IATF Recognition 5th Edition.

An IATF Performance Complaint Management System user manual is provided in the IATF database and client portal to support the implementation of this initiative.

Refer to IATF Stakeholder Communique 2022-004 for further information. (see below)

IATF Stakeholder Communique SC-2022-004 – Launch of the IATF CMS

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