Do you want to know what you need to obtain IATF 16949 certification? It's simple with the Gap-Analysis of Automotive Academy

 The team of Automotive Academy has over 25 years of experience in Automotive IATF 16949.

With the Gap-Analysis service you get:

    • An Automotive expert at your disposal;
    • A comprehensive analysis of your organisation against IATF 16949 requirements;
    • A detailed report with the level of deviation for each area;
    • A plan of the actions necessary to achieve compliance;
    • Answers to all your questions and advanced suggestions;
    • The certainty of gaining maximum autonomy in the management of your System.

Automotive Academy is the benchmark for those who want to adopt an IATF 16949 Management System. Go beyond the guides on our blog. Get support directly from one of our Automotive experts. Request a quick, transparent and customised Gap-Analysis quote now.

Note: The minimum budget required for this type of service is 60€ per hour.

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The best consultancy offer on Automotive IATF 16949

An expert at your disposal

If you simply need to learn about a specific aspect of IATF 16949, you can contact our team of experts. One of our experts will be ready to clarify any of your doubts and advise you on exactly what you need. How to have an open manual at your disposal!

1:1 Communication via Teams

Meetings will take place via Teams only between you and the consultant. In this way, the expert assigned to you will be completely available to solve all your problems and you can concentrate only on what you really need. Your available hours will be dedicated to you at 100%.

Video Recording

The meetings will be recorded and made available to you in your reserved area. In this way you can review and listen whenever you want to all the steps necessary to solve your problems and it will be much easier to apply what you learn during the meetings. We tell you exactly what to do in practice, not just theory and abstract concepts.

Let's get straight to the point

We don't get lost in useless chatter. You have a problem, you want to know how to solve it, and we will advise you on exactly what you need to do to solve it. These meetings are conducted by our qualified expert in a systemic way, but they are also extremely customisedto meet your exact needs.

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Guaranteed result!

Hi, I am Fulvio Boselli, founder and CEO of Automotive Academy.

If you are on this page, it is most likely because a customer has asked you to comply with IATF 16949 and perhaps also to achieve certification "as soon as possible" or you want support in maintaining the certification you have already obtained or in improving your Management System.

Whatever your need and objective, you are in the right place.

Tell us about your needs now and we will get back to you with an intervention quote. If you wish, you can also make a telephone appointment with us in order to identify the best solution to your problem.

Believe the reviews our customers have left us on Linkedin. They are the result of good work by my team, the same kind of work that will lead you to achieve your goals.

With the Consulting by Automotive Academy you will have maximum control over your Management System and achieve your goals faster.

Being autonomous gives you the freedom to be able to solve any problem, and this is crucial for success with IATF 16949!

Ask questions and ask for suggestions whenever you want

Your consultant is available to answer all your questions and give you advice on how to solve concrete problems. You can also get help in developing a successful strategy to improve your System.

Develop the Management System efficiently

You will realise your project step by step in total autonomy and with minimum effort. You can use your consulting hours whenever you encounter an obstacle, so that you can proceed straight to success.

Trust the qualified Automotive experts

If you have come across a specific problem, you have probably already wasted time, perhaps advised by unqualified people. Don't waste any more time: the answer is right here in front of you.

You decide when to meet and for how long

We have several packages available, from 3 - 5 - 10 hours. Choose the package that best suits your needs. You can manage the hours at your disposal as you see fit, and also use them at different times.

With Automotive Academy Consulting save time and money and you can devote yourself to your activities

By relying on our Automotive experts, you will know exactly what you need right away, avoiding unnecessary wasted time and maintaining your total autonomy.

Customised programme

The expert assigned to you will carefully assess what your needs, resources and activities are in order to achieve your goal. He/she will then elaborate, a programme of targeted meetings to solve your specific problem, indicating the objectives, timeframe and costs to achieve them. In the meantime, you can clarify any doubts that may arise during the meetings. 

Practical meetings and solutions in real time

Meetings will be held via Teams, as follows you can immediately ask for clarification and solutions to your problem. With the real-time connection you can, for example, conduct a problem solving session together with our expert and understand which Core Tools are most suitable and the steps for identifying the cause of the problem. You will only receive concrete and applicable solutions, not generic and abstract speeches,

Detailed report with solutions

At the end of our Analysis, you will be sent a detailed report that includes all the critical issues we found, including all our suggestions on how to proceed to improve every aspect of your System. All you have to do is follow the instructions to achieve the best possible result, performing any corrective action yourself in total autonomy. However, should you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Trust those who have been doing this for years

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Some customers in our 25 years of experience!!!

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With the Gap-Analysis you will have:

  • A Automotive expert at your disposal;
  • One Acomplete nalysis of your organisation against the IATF 16949 requirements;
  • A Detailed report with the level of deviation for each area;
  • A Pian of actions necessary to achieve compliance;
  • Answers to all your questions and advanced suggestions;
  • The certainty of gaining maximum autonomy in the management of your System.

As soon as you have sent your request for a quotation, we will reply promptly to give you information and, if necessary, propose a telephone appointment.

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