IATF Measures Covid-19

written by Fulvio Boselli

31 January 2022

Latest news from IATF Global Oversight

Effective from 1 February 2022, the seventh revision of the document IATF Measures Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19 includes the following updates:

  • Revised requirements to add time for remote audits
  • New requirements added to clarify that certification decisions must be made before the original expiry date of the existing certificate
  • New requirement added to clarify when to cancel certificates that have been granted a global extension of six (6) months
  • Clarified the applicability of the reduction of audit days associated with a Letter of Compliance after a remote initial audit
  • Clarified that Phase 1 is a Preparation Review
  • New FAQ 12 added
  • Clarified in Annex A which topics are on the agenda for the opening meeting of the remote audits
  • The requirements previously contained in Revision 4 have been moved to a separate document linked for historical reference.
  • All previously communicated changes to Revision 6 are highlighted in red.

Download the document by clicking on the link below:

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