Renault CSR 3rd edition

Sanctioned Interpretations

written by Fulvio Boselli

28 October 2023

Renault Group has updated their Customer-Specific Requirements for use with IATF 16949:2016 as follows:

  1. Renaming of the company from Groupe Renault to Renault Group
  2. Due to Renault/ Nissan/ Mitsubishi relationship evolution:
    • Alliance wording has been changed:
      • ANPQP becomes RGPQP
      • SAR SCQR
    • Acronyms and definitions have been adapted
  3. Introduction of Renault Supplier Score Card (RSSC) as a key indicator of supplier quality performance
  4. Add new detailed paragraph:, Customer Satisfaction
  5. Details for Certification bodies

Please find below the updated files:
Renault Group Customer Specific Requirements for IATF 16949 - Effective 6, November 2023 (3rd Edition)

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