Automotive Process Evaluation


Instructor: Fulvio Boselli

Duration: 16 h

Starts on: 19/4/2022

Mode: online

Price: € 360.00

Automotive Process Evaluation Course

Periodic audits are the ideal tool for monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, which tend towards ever higher quality standards.

Course objectives

Provide an adequate response to the issues outlined, illustrating the different methodologies for evaluating production processes.


Quality control officers, production managers, department and function managers. 

Course content

  • The different components of an automotive process: 
    • people; 
    • materials; 
    • equipment; 
    • methods; 
    • the working environment. 
  • The design of production processes: 
    • designs and critical features; 
    • flowchart and process layout; 
    • FMEA process; 
    • control plan. 
  • The validation of production processes: 
    • preliminary process capability (Pp, Ppk); 
    • measurement System Analysis (MSA); 
    • first part inspection. 
  • Techniques for process auditing: 
    • audit planning; 
    • the importance of checklists; 
    • collection, analysis and documentation of evidence; 
    • classification and reporting of anomalies;
    • corrective action management and follow-up. 


Case studies

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