MSA: Measurement Systems Validation


Instructor: Fulvio Boselli

Duration: 16 h

Starts on: 18/5/2022

Mode: online

Price: € 360.00

MSA course: validation of measurement systems

The course teaches how to identify and control sources of variability in the measurement process, in order to achieve higher quality standards

Course objectives

 Present ways of analysing and evaluating the capability of measurement systems, with particular reference to automotive standards and guidelines.


Quality managers, quality control officers, project/process managers. 

Course content

  • Definitions: measurement, repeatability, reproducibility, accuracy and traceability, estimation of uncertainty associated with measurement results;
  • Interaction of the measurement process with production processes; 
  • Manage the measurement process by assessing and ensuring compliance with the requirements of the specific standard (UNI EN 10012); 
  • Criteria for the selection and use of testing and calibration laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025);
  • Elements of basic statistics; 
  • Study method for: 
    • Stability and accuracy; 
    • Repeatability and reproducibility; 
    • Linearity.


Case studies.

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