SPC Statistical Process Control

SPC Automotive

Instructor: Fulvio Boselli

Duration: 16 h

Starts on: 7/6/2022

Mode: online

Price: € 360.00

SPC Statistical Process Control Course

Course on SPC techniques, used for continuous process improvement through a system based on data and its statistical processing.

Course objectives

 The course provides the necessary knowledge for the management of processes by means of a data-based system and its statistical processing.


Quality control officers, production managers, department managers and function managers. 

Course content

  • Process control approach:
    • The meaning of control;
    • The concept of a regulator.
  • Variability:
    • The sources of variability;
    • Links with statistical methodologies;
    • Sampling.
  • Data collection and analysis:
    • Histograms;
    • The normal curve;
    • The other types of distribution.
  • The Control Cards:
    • What is a control card;
    • Types of control charts (variables, attributes);
    • The Xmedio cards - Range;
    • Construction and interpretation.
  • Process capability indices:
    • The capability study;
    • The preliminary capability indices (Pp, Ppk);
    • Process capability indices (Cp, Cpk).
  • The use of control charts for continuous improvement.


Case studies

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