Suddenly the electric car

Electric car at charging station

written by Fulvio Boselli

9 February 2022

And suddenly the evolution of electric cars.

Volkswagen and FCA are racing towards revolution.

Electric cars: after the scandal involving major European car manufacturers including Volkswagen, the German four-wheeler giant led by Volkswagen CEO Matthias Muller has announced that the company is ready to challenge Tesla on Chinese soil in Beijing.

In fact, Muller announced that it will invest more than EUR 10 billion together with its local partners, in fact anticipating all its competitors in the field of environmental pollution control.

A struggle that suddenly sees China determined to make a momentous breakthrough, starting in its green conversion project as early as 2019.

It may be because of Donald Trump's resounding U.S. about-face, but now more than ever the Asian country is aiming for global leadership in clean energy and green technologies.

Muller's words come after statements by Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V., who said he was convinced that by 2025 less than half of the cars produced in the world will be diesel or petrol. In fact, he argued, we will see a rapid change in the choice of consumers who will switch to hybrids or full electrics.

Changes in use that will bring about global changes both in the environmental field and in the production of electric cars.

And if in 2017 Sergio Marchionne was still casting doubts on the effectiveness of electric power, pointing out that the line had not yet been drawn mainly because of the methods of producing electricity (fossil fuels and still coal), he now says he is certain that the first electric super-car to be built will be a Ferrari, throwing all competitors into disarray.

A scenario that will bring big changes in the industrial sector especially for those small and large industries that produce and supply the big car manufacturers.

Companies have less than a decade to get up to speed, review their production and change so as not to be unprepared for the epochal change.

It will be necessary to review one's production chain, evaluating which products to start slowly abandoning in favour of others.

Getting ahead of the competition in the design of new electric motors by being a new supplier of unique, well-designed products that are the result of elaborate and productive design comparisons will make all the difference in the changing economy of the coming years.

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