APQP and PPAP: quality planning

Core Tools

Instructor: Fulvio Boselli

Duration: 16 h

Starts on: 24/3/2022

Mode: online

Price: € 360.00

APQP and PPAP Course: Quality Planning

The course presents the APQP and PPAP tools for planning and monitoring the various stages of product and process development.

Course objectives

Provide knowledge for product and process development management and planning in the automotive industry.


Quality managers, quality control officers, project/process managers, production managers.

Course content

  • Scenario of quality-related regulations in the automotive sector;
  • The various stages of development:
    • planning and definition;
    • product design and development;
    • process design and development;
    • product and process validation;
    • final project and process evaluation.
  • Structure and content of the PPAP;
  • Operational techniques;
  • Representative start-up production according to PPAP;
  • Feedback on sampling from customers;
  • The multifunctional project team;
  • Internal and customer communication.


Case studies.

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