Layered process audits in the automotive sector: CQI-08 Guidelines

Layered Process Audit

Instructor: Fulvio Boselli

Duration: 8 h

Starts on: 26/5/2022

Mode: online

Price: € 180.00

Course Layered process audits in the automotive sector: CQI-08 Guidelines

CQI-xx (Continuous Quality Improvements) are standards developed in North America that, as part of the overall automotive product realisation process, aim to keep specific production or support processes under control and improve supplier performance.

Course objectives 

The course aims to: 

  • Train staff at different levels of a manufacturing organisation to plan, execute and report on simple process audits  
  • Equip the manufacturing organisation with a simple, easy-to-use tool that requires little time commitment, i.e. max. 15'.

After the training activity, participants will have acquired:

  • The ability to draw up checklists for layered process audits 
  • The ability to plan and execute LPAs (layered process audits)
  • The ability to review LPA results 


Addressees of the project are: personnel working in various capacities in Automotive manufacturing entities, i.e. Quality Managers, Auditors carrying out part one (internal), part two (at suppliers) or part three (certification) audits, Quality Control Operators, Operators, Supervisors/Team Leaders of production lines/processes, Managers who in various capacities have responsibility for the production process, Consultants.

Course content

In order to ensure that the objectives are achieved, Automotive Academy offers a pathway as follows:

  • Purpose of CQI-xx
  • Presentation of the contents of the AIAG CQI-08 Manual 
  • Presentation of the basic contents of a generic check list for carrying out Layered Process Audits


  • Identification and drafting of check list questions to be used for conducting LPA on a specific customer production process 
  • Simulation of an LPA on a specific production process identified by course participants/clients
  • Analysis of results and action plans following the results of an LPA


Bearing in mind that at least three different figures (Operator, Team Leader or Auditor and Production Manager) are required to carry out LPA at different times, there are no specific prerequisites for Operators. For Team/Leaders, Internal auditors, Production Managers knowledge and experience in the application of Automotive Core Tools (FMEA, Control Plan), error prevention and troubleshooting methodologies is required.

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