The 5S method

Problem Solving Method

Instructor: Fulvio Boselli

Duration: 16 h

Starts on: 3/3/2022

Mode: online

Price: € 360.00

Course The 5S method

The course explains how to create the mental habit of keeping one's workplace in order, realise continuous improvement, and increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Course objectives

Developing the themes of the 5S methodology: philosophy, structure, application and formalisation.


Managers and function managers.

Course content

  • The 5S: Seiton-Seiri-Seiso-Seiketsu-Shitsuke;
  • The advantages of application;
  • The way improvement projects are developed;
  • The creation of the team: roles involved;
  • The work plan and project implementation: methodologies and tools;
  • Monitoring;
  • The check lists (5S): method, criterion, application.


Case studies.

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